Friday, May 4, 2012

The World According To Bella

Without even going to the doctor this week  I have been given a new label: OCD. In case you don't know what that means its obsessive compulsive disorder.  With great certainty Mrs. S and Mr. C have diagnosed me and are seeking treatment. They think I need help. Really I think they need help. They just do not understand me.  There is much to be admired about a dog who is focused, attentive and  determined. My disorder or whatever they call it has served me well. I was quick and managed to score with not a lot of effort. 
But I am getting ahead of the story. For days the smell of something under the porch has kept my attention 24/7.  Hours I have paced back and forth sniffing the cracks between  the boards of the porch. I furiously dug holes all around the porch. I have been trying to get under and see what could be living there. I even ignored Mrs. S's yelling that I was ruining the yard. Any barriers she put up to my credit I managed to get around them. I was one determined dog on a mission. One night I even got Mr. C up three different times so I could get outside and make a porch check.
On day three it happened a small bunny ran past me. But  I was quick. I managed to grasp it tightly in my jaw. Mr. C alarmed and in a very firm loud voice yelled" Drop it!" Was he crazy? I had been waiting for something like this for three whole long days. It had consumed my time. When Mr. C saw I was not going to drop it he swiftly and I mean swiftly ran inside to get something out of the refrigerator. He thought he could trade me bunny for people food. Well in the 20 seconds he was gone I saved him the trouble. I did not need any trade. I got what I wanted.  
Well it is day 5 now and I am still keeping a watchful vigil near the porch boards. I know sooner or another will try to escape somewhere. I need to be ready!   
Love, Bella
The recent purchase of a hat has completed my Kentucky Derby outfit. I have heard Bodemeister is an early favorite 4-1.   

I'm adding a few new recipes just in case you are having guests in and could use some ideas.
Louisville Cooler 
1-1/2 oz bourbon
1 oz. orange juice
1 TB lime juice
1 tsp. powdered sugar
Shake all ingredients with cracked ice and strain into a glass
Kentucky Blizzard
1-1/2 ox bourbon
1-1/2 oz cranberry juice
1/2 oz lime juice
1/2 oz grenadine
1 tsp. sugar
Shake all ingredients with cracked ice and strain into a glass
Kiss on the Lips
2 oz. bourbon
6 oz. apricot nectar
Pour over ice and stir

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