Saturday, November 3, 2012


This is a picture of the Starry Night scene over the Rhone River during the day. 
Van Gogh lived in Arles for 15 years. He choose this area of Provence for its light, color and wind that provided inspiration for his work. It was during this time some of his most famous works were produced. Van Gogh was underrated during his time and when he died at age 37 his work was not very well known. This is one of his paintings of a cafe he spent a lot of time at when living in Arles .
And this is what it looks like today.
This painting of the hospital below is where van Gogh received treatment from after part of his ear was cut off.   
Today it is a school.
The town itself has been greatly influenced by the Romans with a amphitheater a bit smaller than one in Rome. It is used for games like bull fighting and concerts.

Imagine going to a outdoor market on Saturday that stretched for over two miles. Not only can you buy the most amazing array of foods and clothing but pick up live rabbits, chickens, hens and even a pig!!! 
On  the way back to the boat which is docked on the Rhone we passed by a huge circus event. There were many campers, trailers and trucks parked behind the circus. These people live like gypsies on the road all the time going from one town to another. We thought some of their living arrangements were unique but really made sense when you think about it.
 We had never seen a slide out with a front door.
I suppose you are wondering about when I am getting to the food. Meals are amazing on board with incredible presentations. I take pictures every night of the food which I think some people at table think strange :) But for me makes sense! Later on trip will devote more food specifics. But I will say they eat a lot of seafood and take advantage of locally  produced fruits and vegetables.   

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