Sunday, November 4, 2012


St. Benezet Bridge
This is the riverboat approach to the city of Avignon located in SE France. Avignon is one of the three remaining walled cities in the world where people actually live inside. As of 2012,12,00 inhabitants lived inside the ancient town and 94,787 people live outside the city. The city has a Mediterranean climate and is boarded on the left by the Rhone River. The Latin name Avignon means windy. The city often has very windy conditions.  
But the weather was not windy the morning we were there, just cloudy. Seven  popes inhabited this city from 1305-1403. During that time there was a papal split and one pope lived in Rome and the other Avignon. The city is incredible in terms of dating back to 13th century and the fact many people live and work inside the town.
The following photos are from the Papal Palace. 

Inside the Papal square

This church was inside the Papal Square. It was surprising to learn there are so many churches in the city-38 all spread out in a 3-1/2 mile wide stretch.
We visited a very large food market and after a lot of walking I was able to justify a macaroon treat. This cookie is very popular which comes in different flavors. Will have to check that recipe out to post.   
I have talked with reception on the boat and at end of trip he will supply me with copies of each of the meals and their recipes. How good is that!!!
Just to give you a sample of how incredible meals have been on this trip here is a cold salmon salad entree-see head on left and covered with pickled cucumbers.

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