Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beaujolais and Window Licking

Beaujolais is a historical province and a wine producing region in France. It is located north of Lyon. The drive to the vineyards with its panoramic views,quaint villages and magnificent chateaus were breathtaking.   

We all thought a morning wine tasting at vineyard was a perfect way to start the day :) The owners of the vineyard demonstrated pruning and grafting of the vines. But it was disheartening to learn that this particular year was very bad for the region's vineyards. They had 3 terrible storms, one with hail and have lost almost 90% of their crop. They were gracious hosts inviting us into their wine cellar and sharing wine. They recently opened a B&B which I will post a picture just in case you want to go. The scenery surrounding the area is spectacular.  I guarantee after meeting them you would be well taken care of by them.

Window Licking
Window Licking this is how we spent our afternoon in Lyon. To the French it means looking in store windows, salivating wanting or wishing to buy what you see. After several hours of window licking and watching the crowds of people in Lyon I have concluded my wardrobe is missing a few leggings, black tights and black long boots to the knees. Black seems to be the preferred color choice and my husband needs to spiff up his wardrobe with a scarf.

I am not sure several hours of walking could possibly wear off the lunch. We are fed quite well on this cruise!!!
French Onion Soup
 I had to use restraint and skip dessert but it was an ice cream caramel/whip cream concoction that looked scrumptious.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

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