Thursday, November 8, 2012

Macon, France

An Unexpected End of the Line
Today we had good and bad news. The River Soane is very high with all the rain the region has recently had. Boats are unable to go safely under the bridges so all are docked here in Lyons or Macon till river level recedes. But the good news is we took a bus trip to Macon instead and got an extra trip to a Chateau. Tomorrow we take a very long bus ride to Paris for the weekend. Lucky we are leaving Paris before November 16th since there is a city strike scheduled on that day.  
Macon is a city north of Lyons, south of Paris in the Burgundy region.
As you enter the city this is the street across from the river.
Oldest wooden home in the city from the 17th century.

Each town has so many churches after awhile it's hard to remember each one.  The exterior of this one was beautiful. 

The drive to  this chateau was quite lovely. The scenery was very pastoral with rolling hills, grazing animals, vineyards and homes dotting the landscape. 

This is the first time I have ever seen a real chateau that had a moat.

These gardens were all topiary animal shapes. Note the chicken on the left.

As I have mentioned several times before we are more than well fed on this ship. Here are some more amazing presentations. And today I was lucky to get several recipes to try at home from the chef.
whole wheat crepe with a  filling of corn, bell pepper, zucchini tomato cheese
pan fried fillet of fish served with sauteed dill, cucumber, potato

Baked Alaska from last night's farewell dinner. 

Bon appetit
Cruising on the MS Provence (Grand Circle Line) was such an incredible experience. Everyday we were so well taken care of. 
"Salut! or Au revoir"
on to Paris
I am trying to practice my French

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