Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Book Review and The World According to Bella

Linda Frances Lein, author of Hannah Kempfer: An Immigrant Girl asked me to write a  book review of the Kindle version of her book for Amazon.com
Follow this link to read the review and find out more about Hannah Kempfer, a Norwegian immigrant, who overcame great obstacles to become a rural teacher in the late 1880's. She later became the first Minnesota woman to serve as a legislator from Otter Tail County from 1923-1943. 


"First thing to do every moring is read or listen to something postive. Your mind is like a garden-whatever you plant grows. Plant good stuff."

by Alwyn Cosgrove 

The World According to Bella
All Good Things Must Come to An End
As you can see from the photo my dog sitter has not exactly followed Mrs. S 's instruction: It's a NO NO to get up on the bed. 
I have been in dog heaven the past two weeks while Mr. C and Mrs. S have been on vacation. Hanging out with my buddy Mulligan, chasing their cat and going to the dog park twice a day has been the best. But I may have overextended my welcome with a recent garbage incident. Yesterday my dog sitter and her family went out to dinner. Mulligan was resting comfortably and snoring loudly but I just could not sleep. All I could smell was bacon which made my tummy growl with hunger pains. Finally I could not stand lying around one minute longer. It was then I did the unthinkable and lost self control. I ran downstairs and raided their garbage can. But I was quite clever and didn't even knock it over. Just I was about to tip the can I accidentally hit the foot pedal. VIOLA!! The top flipped opened and  the bacon was right there. It was wrapped in tinfoil and in a plastic bag. As you know I have had previous experiences getting into plastic bags. Remember the Hershey kisses incident at Christmas and the fish fillets bagged in the snowbank at the lake? 
I managed to get the foil wrapped bacon out of the plastic bag. I skipped eating the plastic bag but ate all the foil with the bacon inside. Gosh, it was so good.  
When the family came home no one suspected what I had been up to. I was fast asleep and had made no mess. But oh, it was during the night is when they found out what I had been up to. I got really, really sick. So sick my dog sitter was up many hours cleaning up after me. I guess on Thursday they will be happy to see me leave. 
But I really had a great time there. I will miss lying on the bed with Mulligan and the dog sitter. I don't suppose Mrs. S will ever allow me to do that.  
Love, Bella

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