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Enjoy Pesto Petites a Book and a Poem

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant  and has forgotten the gift. Albert Einstein
the time keeper
by Mitch Albom
Mitch Albom is the author of many best selling novels which include "Tuesdays with Morrie", "Have A Little Faith" and "Five People You Meet in Heaven." Each of his novels are imaginative and thought provoking urging readers to find some new meanings in life. "The Time Keeper" is a parable that inspires readers to take time to make time and appreciate the precious gift before it is too late. 
Albom's story reminds us we are not keepers of time but are its celebrants. And it is up to each of us to decide how to spend whatever time we have been given and not waste the precious gift. Our actions today have consequences tomorrow. 
This book is short and can be read in one sitting 2-1/2 hours (of course if that's how long you can sit). I am amazed someone can be so imaginative coming up with this plot line. 
The Time Keeper imagines Father Time as a real person. In biblical times Father Times's name was Dor. Time was first noticed 600,000 years ago by Dor who is an ordinary man with an extraordinary need to count, measure and bring order to his life. He is the first man on earth to count hours literally becoming Father Time. Rather than embracing it as a gift from God, Dor challenges Him when his wife dies. 
He is then banished to a cave and centuries pass by him. Dor doesn't have the spiritual strength to take much more. God agrees to free him if he can help two people on earth. Dor then travels into today's society, one that is dominated and dictated by time.
This unique plot with several twists and turns would be a very lively discussion for a book group. Even after finishing the book some of Albom's ideas and subtle messages stayed with me  
Pesto Petites
Cook's notes:This recipe comes from dilussodeli.com and is quite noteworthy. I saw it at a local grocery store deli where you could order it as an appetizer tray. I was able to get the recipe :) There are lots of possibilities with this recipe. It could be served as an appetizer or a sandwich, use different meats and cheeses and the best part with only 6 ingredients it looks like you spent a lot of time making it. 
  • 1 Foccacia bread, sliced horizontally in half
  • 1/3 cup pesto
  • 8 oz. sliced of oven roasted chicken, turkey or ham
  • 6 oz. slices of Colby Jack, Swiss or Provolone cheese
  • 1 cup basil or spinach leaves
  • 24-36 grape of cherry tomatoes
  • On bottom of sliced bread spread half of pesto, add meat, cheese, spinach or basil leaves
  • On top half (underside) spread rest of pesto
  • Cover and cut into 12-16 bites depending on size of bread
  • Skewer 2 tomatoes on each pick

by Jane Yolen

This box contains a wash of sky blue,
spikes of green spring,
a circle of yellow sun
triangle flames of orange and red.

It has the lime caterpillar
inching on a brown branch,
the shadow black in the center
of a grove of trees.

It holds my pink
and your chocolate
and her burnt sienna
and his ivory skin.

In it are all the colors of the world.
Poetry tip of the day: Be inspired by the 64 colors in the box and create your own Spring poem. Here is a possible start 
Yellow is...

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