Monday, May 13, 2013

A Weather Phenomenon

In northern Minnesota everyone was anxious for ice out on the lakes. The opener for the fishing season was this past weekend and many lakes were still ice covered. High winds 30-40 miles an hour on Saturday created an "Ice Tsunami" on Mille Lacs Lake in northern Minnesota. People watched in disbelief as waves of ice creeped toward the shoreline and kept on going right up to the front doors of homes.  It was reported that 10 miles of shoreline were covered with ice some reaching up to 30 feet high. Some said the sound of the crashing ice was like a train.

Follow these links to the incredible videos
Living in Minnesota requires a sense of humor. You just never know what to expect in any given  month. 
The World According to Bella
My weekend playdate with Sadie has left me exhausted. Both of crashed just like those waves of ice off the lake. I missed all my naptimes. 
The good news is the ice finally off the lake. We were brave and stuck our paws in the frigid waters but decided being indoors was better. It was warm and cozy.  

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