Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cake Pops

The Babycakes box contained... 
one Babycakes machine, a tined fork to retrieve baked cake pops from the machine,a plastic mold that holds one dozen cooked cake pops and a bag of wooden sticks to insert into baked cake pops.
Reading the instruction manual is always helpful as well as reviews for techniques and tips. Follow this link
Making your own batter was strongly suggested rather using a prepared box of cake mix. The recipe book that came with the machine gave an assortment of  cake recipes to try as well as icing recipes. I made the chocolate cake recipe with white chocolate icing. Some cake pops were iced with white chocolate and sprinkles and others iced with toasted coconut.  
This is a great kid friendly activity. And I would be remiss if didn't mention cake pops cook in 4-5 minutes. A quick snack to have on hand.
Be sure to put cake pops in the freezer 10-15 minutes before adding a stick to each one. Ice each cake pop individually so sprinkles will adhere to the icing better.  
These cake pops not on a stick look just like donut holes. 

Bella did miss out on having her very own cake. But she loved the rawhide bone. If I would have baked her a cake I'd use a white cake mix  since it wouldn't contain chocolate, macadamia nuts, raisins or any other ingredients that can be harmful to dogs to ingest.  Some other options to add to a Bella cake include adding  peanut butter, pumpkin, kibble or canned food to the cake mix to make it especially enticing. Of course we all know Bella is a not a picky eater! To her everything is enticing :)
The following is an interesting website

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