Saturday, June 1, 2013

Public Art

In recent years public art has increasingly begun to expand its scope and the type of art materials used to construct the pieces. It is a way to bring the arts to the general public by making a public space memorable and special. It also encourages the public to visit parks, downtown areas, plazas, buildings, bridges and any other public places to view the art. Individual interpretations and conversations can ensue.   

The Northwoods Arts Council (NAC) is an organization that is dedicated to providing entertainment and visual enrichment to the lakes area. This summer they are sponsoring a summer sculpture park in the city park along the Paul Bunyan walking and biking trail. 
I have been part of the publicity for this project with posters, taking photos and writing newspaper articles. Today was the installation of five art pieces with an opening reception. And what a day it was with brisk winds up to 30 miles and hour, temps hovering around 48 degrees and drizzle on and off all day. But it did not dampen the spirits of the community who came to watch sculptors install their works of art and honor them with an outdoor reception. Each of the installed pieces were unique and made with some type of metal. All summer long visitors to the park have an opportunity to cast their ballot for their favorite. The winning piece will receive a cash prize, Labor Day weekend. Sculptors will be selling their pieces at that time.     
Tool Shed by Al Belleveau is a highly interactive piece comprised of hundreds of tools. There is a door which is not visible from this photo where kids can actually go inside and climb about. It certainly was a great conversation piece that represents the early pioneer spirit of north woods.

Fertile Flight by Tim Cassidy

El Toro by Chris Gustafson
 Large Mouth Bass by Andy Arend
The location for this piece was perfect-close to the lake.

Stegomorph by Tim Cassidy

If you are a DIY individual who happens to scour flea markets and owns a lot lot of scrap material this creative outlet may just be a perfect fit for you.

     Cherry on a Spoon
Speaking of sculptures this one is a Minnesota landmark. It is displayed in the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens with downtown Minneapolis in the background.  

In the summer of 2000, there were 75 Charlie Brown and Snoopy gang sculptures on display throughout the city of St. Paul. These sculptures seemed to be everywhere in front of shops, buildings, restaurants, street corners, parks and even the airport. I got swept up in the movement to see just how many of these sculptures one could actually get to and have your picture taken with but I never did make the 75 mark. 

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  1. I absolutely love how art is being brought to the people via projects like this. Thank you for sharing these photos and this story.