Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wombat Stew

Never heard of wombat stew? Sit back and relax and I will fill you in.  And so the tale goes that a long time ago in the Land Down Under a dingo caught a wombat. He wanted to make a delicious stew using the wombat but his friends had other ideas. They sidetracked the dingo  telling him that the stew would taste ever so much better with 
big blops of billabong mud
a few of the finest feathers that could be found
crunchy flies
slugs and bugs
creepy crawlies
So the dingo's friends collected all these things for the stew. As each thing went into the stew pot the friends chanted 
Wombat stew
Wombat stew
Hot and spicy 
Oh, so nicey 
Wombat stew   

and stirred the pot.
And guess what? That wombat was lucky and got away. But the dingo didn't care because he enjoyed a very fine pot of stew. 

If you liked the story and want to know all the details check your library or bookstore for the book
Wombat Stew by Marcia K. Vaughan

What better way to celebrate the last day of kindergarten class then making wombat stew! 
Cook's Note: You too can make this stew at home with the following  ingredients:

    big blops of billabong mud- cocoa puffs-M &M's
    few of the finest feathers-pretzels sticks
    slugs and bugs-gummy worms-colored marshmallows
    creepy crawlies-chocolate chips=Fruit Loop cereal
    gumnuts-Kix cereal

Directions:Stir while chanting 
Wombat Stew
Wombat stew
Hot and spicy
Oh, so nicey
Wombat stew
To Serve:
Scoop out stew into paper cups and afterwards enjoy some outside time with 
blowing bubbles.

See how uncomplicated life can be for a kindergartner soon to be a first grader :)

As a sidenote; Remember these light shoes I featured on a September 2012 blog? Well I was amazed she still fits into them and they still light up after a whole year of kindergarten class.

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