Monday, July 8, 2013

The World According to Bella

Invasion of Space 
You just never know what will happen on "Yard Duty."  Yesterday I was watching carefully for any yard intruders plus protecting Mrs. S's flowers when out of the corner of my eye I spied something small moving in my driveway. I crept slowly over for a closer look and realized it had  a hard shell and a very small head sticking out. I knew what it was because we almost had an accident the other day when one was in the road. Mrs. S had to brake suddenly and just barely missed hitting it. The bad part was I flew off the back seat and hit my head on the seat in front of me. Some people like Mrs. S should learn to drive more carefully!  
Mrs. S calls these things with little heads and hard shells; turtles. And also told  me they are real busy these days looking for a place to lay their eggs. She warned me about getting too close or one might bite my nose. I remember my porcupine encounter from awhile back and knew how much that hurt my nose when Mr. C had to pull out 12 quills!
As I moved in for a closer look I was confused. The turtle had dug a hole and then seemed to change its mind.  It crept slowly in another direction toward the rocks. When I heard "Bella dinner" I knew I had more important things to do than watch a dumb turtle. But its what happened after dinner that really made me mad. That turtle had a lot of nerve.

You have to realize that I have spent an entire year getting this large hole in the yard just the way I like it. It fits my body perfectly and the dirt feels so cool to lie on when its warm outside. And it is the perfect spot to keep an eye on any bunnies who might be under the deck and trying to escape.
But never did I ever, ever expect an intruder in my space.

 The turtle was just leaving my hole after burying its eggs. Now what am I going to do? Mrs. S is thinking of putting up a little fence to keep me out.  This is not fair! I do not want to share my space.
I am writing with the hopes one of you might speak to Mrs. S and tell her a fence is a very bad idea.

Love, Bella  

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