Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The World According to Bella

Bella, a poet. Well I never thought of myself as being a poet. I leave that up to Mrs. S but after hearing the poems in this book I think I can make up one or two myself.  I 'm ready to use verse to show my inner feelings like the dogs who wrote poems in the book. I guess they must have wanted to let humans know how they feel,why they do dumb stuff and how they see the world as they do.  

I have been waiting two months for this book.. Mrs. S ordered it for me in June. Everyday Mr. C walks me down the road to the mailbox but there is never anything for me until today. 
It was hot outside and since I really like my AC  Mrs. S and I sat inside. She read me a few poems. I liked this one because I do not like to be left alone either. It can be really boring and much too quiet waiting for their return.
Where did you go?
Where have you been?
Do you know how long you've been gone?!
Three hours
Or fifteen minutes
Or six months
The point is
I've been waiting at that door
For eighteen straight years
And every one of those twelve seconds killed me 

Mrs. S liked this one and it made her laugh
Where Are You
I was worried
I was so scared
I thought I had lost you
And the life that we both shared
I searched through the entire house
From the basement to the attic
The living, dining, and bedrooms
Even the trash cans, because I was frantic
Up and down the staircase
Back and forth across the halls
In and out through every door
Louder and louder were my calls
I had given up every hope
I had given in to despair
I had given the bad news to the pet cat
Who gave me a look before re-licking her hair
But just when all seemed lost, I found you
And it gave my heart a rush
To see you sitting-startled, but alive and well
So if you don't mind, 
I'll just stay here until you flush
poems from the book I Could Chew on This and other poems by dogs
by Francesco Marcioliano

Mrs. S has told me 
even though I found it warm
I should be out the door
playing and running all about. 

I've been told
large amounts of AC  
have been known
to give one  
a little chill or two.

My hole has gotten deeper 
as I snuggled in against the dirt 
but all I really wish 
is to remain inside
I need that dose of AC
each and every day.

I thought about the poem 
I could write for you today
But really when I could take a nap 
I ask you wouldn't that
just be a whole lot better?

Writing poems is all new for me. I could use some help along the way to make a line or two rhyme in a more perfect way. 
Suggestions welcome!
Love, Bella 


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