Monday, September 16, 2013

The World According to Bella

An Unexpected Discovery
Today Mrs. S talked to me about microchips. She remembered the article we were reading about the lost dog who was found 1,800 miles from home in a park. Since he had a microchip the Park Rangers were able to find his owners.  She thought I'd like this funny poem.
Baby Ate A Microchip
by Neal Levin
Baby ate a microchip,
The grabbed a bottle, took a sip.
He swallowed it and made a beep,
And now he's thinking pretty deep.

He's downloading his ABCs
And calculating 1-2-3s.
He's memorizing useless facts
While doing Daddy's income tax.

He's processing, and now he thrives
On feeding his internal drives.
He's throwing fits, and now he fights
With ruthless bits and toothless bytes.

He must be feeling very smug.
But hold on, Baby caught a bug.
Attempting to reboot in haste,
He accidentally got erased!

Then Mrs. S gave me some bad news. My microchip has gone missing. Fear gripped me and I couldn't stop panting. I felt safe having a microchip nicely tucked inside me. What would happen if I went missing? How would someone be able to find Mr. C and Mrs. S. and return me home safely? I have been known to wander at the lake. The story got worse for me.
Yesterday when I was at Dr. Ekholm's office for my annual check-up he decided to look for my microchip using a portable reader. We were all surprised when he announced it had gone missing. Dr. Ekholm thinks that last April when I had surgery that it got cut out when they removed the tumor.  Maybe that's why I had a lump to begin with some reaction to the microchip. Now Dr, Ekholm says no more microchips for me just to be safe.
Last night I could not sleep. I kept Mr. C and Mrs. S up with my pacing back and forth . I am worried about getting lost even though my collar has BELLA written on it with large letters and Mrs. S cell phone number.
Today Mrs. S tried to cheer me up with my favorite new snack Sweetango apples. 
I found out they are a cross between Honeycrisp and Zestar. I just can't get enough of them. Mrs. S thinks these apples are a healthy snack for me. I guess healthy is good since I lost 4 pounds since my last doctor visit. 
Love, Bella

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