Thursday, October 10, 2013


This was a book that "begged" to be purchased the minute I stepped into the bookstore. Mary Oliver is an esteemed poet whose newest book is called Dog Songs. The poems are a celebration of the special bond between humans and dogs. The poems focus on everyday moments familiar to all dog lovers with some life lessons along  the way.
by Mary Oliver
You're like a little wild thing
that was never sent to school.
Sit, I say, and you jump up.
Come, I say. and you go galloping down the sand
to the nearest dead fish
with which you perfume your sweet neck
It is summer.
How many summers does a little dog have?

Run, run, Percy.

This is our school. 
I picked this poem because it made me think of my recent school visit to Room 301. The energy level was high as the kindergartners galloped around the room singing and dancing to the tune " The Wheels on the Bus" rather than a dog galloping down the sand in the poem above. Their steering wheel was a paper plate. In this photo they were getting their driving instructions. 

Fashionista Alert: "Hello Kitty" is in style. 

I spied several backpacks with the "Hello Kitty" line .
Practicing the letter A took a lot of concentration. Lucky there was play time afterwards.
And while some play was quite organized others just liked the messiness of it all :)

Thought for the day...  "As we awake to a new day, most of us think of the same old things. It's a new day, so think of new things. New things to do, new ways to do them, new ways to make things interesting, new things to make life better, new ways to help your dreams come true. If you wake up every new day thinking of the same old things, then you set yourself up for the same old fall." 
-- Unknown author

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