Wednesday, November 6, 2013

American Indian Heritage Month

November is designated American Indian Heritage Month for the purpose of remembering the value of American Indians. The creation of this day was the culmination of a number of foundational efforts made over time, originally at the request of American Indians, and ultimately made substantial by cooperative efforts of various government officials. This designation was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush following a joint resolution of Congress in 1990. Specific proclamations regarding the day are usually made each year by the current president.
“The Native American Heritage Month provides opportunities to engage and learn more about a part of our American culture. 
To find events scheduled in your area go to Google and type in your town name and American Indian Heritage Month Events.

Joseph Bruchac or Green Corn Moon (born October 16, 1942) is a storyteller and Native writer of books relating to the Indigenous peoples of the Americas with a particular focus on northeastern Native American and Anglo-American lives and folklore. He has published poetry, novels, and short stories with more than 120 books and numerous awards to his credit. He began publishing in 1971 and has collaborated on eight books with his son Jim. In 1999, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Native Writers"Circle of the Americas. 
This is one of my favorite poems he has written.
In The Moon of Falling Leaves
by Joseph Bruchac
I was born in the Moon of Falling Leaves
that time when summer's harvest
falls from every maple tree,
painting the forest trails
golden as sunlight
and crimson as Great Bear's blood. 

Each October brings back the scent
of fires burning on the hills,
the first etchings of frost
on my bedroom windows,
the departing wings
of a thousand geese
cutting the clear cold sky.

There is no time closer to my heart,
than this season of changes
when the balance tips between
darkness and light,
when the last flowers
nod in our garden,
when so many things
are about to end,
so many about to begin. 

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