Thursday, January 16, 2014

Love is in the Air

Perhaps this poster might have been the inspiration for a kindergartner's art project. This particular morning the students had a variety of choices for free play. One young man was on a mission to create a valentine for a girl he sits next to. I might add he worked quite diligently creating this art project for almost a half hour. 
Note: the hearts are all cut free hand and arranged in an artistic manner. He even signed his name neatly on the back next to the lucky girl's name who would receive it.  The surprising thing about all this it was December not even February. Guess he wanted a head start on the holiday.  
Each time I help out in the kindergarten room there are always new revelations for me. Today the music class was in their classroom. Remember the song "The Farmer in the Dell?"  As you can see by their faces it was a real big hit! 

But it was the next song that made my heart tighten and beat fast. It was not the song itself but the direction; remove your shoe (each time a line was sung the music teacher had them hold up their shoe). It was then I wanted to yell "Stop! No!" Obviously the music teacher does not know what it is like to be in a kindergarten room where practically no one can tie their own shoes. I knew what I would be doing next.
These shoes caught my interest.
As if tying one pair of laces was not enough this girl had a double pair of laces (pink and gray) to contend with. But the gray sparkles and the pink hearts certainly made these shoes dazzle enough to make me wish I had a pair just like them.
She is definitely ready for the next holiday.
Billy Collins , a former U.S. poet laureate, is one of my favorite poets. I recently heard about this amazing video of a 3 year old who recited from memory one of Billy Collins's poems "Litany" published from the book Nine Horses. The poem has 33 lines with some 250 words.
check out the link

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