Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Funny Names for Food Trucks

Food trucks have certainly evolved through the years. These trucks cater at events (carnivals, construction sites, sporting events, and places of regular work or study – college campuses, office complexes, movie sets, farmer's markets, military bases) etc. – where regular meals or snacks are in high demand by potential customers. Food truck dining as a popular phenomenon has caught on in the U.S. and Canadian cities and in some European cities. Food trucks are increasing in popularity for wedding receptions.
Food Network magazine September 2014 features an article titled: "America's Funniest Food Truck Names." I thought some of these food truck names were quite clever. Check out the magazine to see more than the ones posted below.
We represent Northern California ! Oh Miso Hungry Serves Asian & American Fusion Style Food to the South Bay Area .
God Save The Cuisine, a San Diego organic, local, sustainable, British influenced food truck.
Lard Have Mercy’s food trailer offers bacon dishes, as well as sweet treat that your taste buds will love. Currently they are just doing catering for summer 2014. The food truck has been featured on the TV show called The Chew.

Grease, Love and Lard. Austin, Texas

Pressed For Time is the second food truck launched by The Food Movement. Based in North Atlanta their menu focuses on panini sandwiches.
Holy Crepe,  a gourmet food truck in Tampa that offers sweet. savory. soulful made to order crepes to satisfy your culinary imagination.
On Tapa The World food truck in Atlanta area that specializes in Spanish Tapas featuring flavors from around the globe.
At Lettuce B. Frank ( Rochester, NY) are attempting to change the face of fast food by making it local, from scratch and healthy. They support sustainability, minimal waste and recyclable products along with serving mainly locavore cuisine.
They have several vegetarian, vegan & traditional dishes to cater to all appetites. The menu evolves with the season and the harvest.

Ball or Nothing serves meatballs, of course. Menu items include veggie options and come in chicken and ghost chili varieties. They launched on April 17, 2012 in DC.

And last but not least a 'shout-out' to the Twin Cities area.
Fork In The Road serves up "Good Eats" on the street focusing on new American cuisine and sandwiches adding  their own unique twist, to the awesome people of the Twin Cities.T

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