Saturday, November 15, 2014

DIY Holiday Ideas and Catching Up with the Kindergarten Class

Georgia O'Keeffe (November 15, 1887-March 6, 1986) is a 20th century American painter best known for her flower canvases and southwestern landscapes. Today we celebrate her birthday and artistic contributions to the field of painting. 
Oriental Poppies 

One of the most addictive activities on social media is Pinterest. I can say with great certainty you can easily lose track of time. First I started looking for kindergarten Thanksgiving ideas for my daughter's classroom which then led to other interesting sites. Consider these ideas  
Candy Corn Turkey
Follow this link for 13 more Thanksgiving crafts for kids.
M and M Thanksgiving Poem
I love this simple idea. Use pint jars and fill with M and M candies. Add a printed tag with M and M Thanksgiving poem, punch a hole in it, add twine and tie around the rim of jar. I think it would make a great gift on the table for each Thanksgiving guest and encourage guests to share what they are thankful for.
Follow the link for a free printable.
This link comes with a free download printable M and M Christmas Poem to glue on a jar filled with candies.
And last but not least this link has 25 neighborhood gift ideas and free printables to download.
Well back to catching up with the kindergarten class.
They certainly were a very busy and engaged group. The morning time was spent working on practicing the letter T and drawing a T picture of a turtle or a tooth  
and matching lower case letters with capital letters. 
During break time these two gals wanted to make sure I took pictures of new pink boots, a Hello Kitty shirt and this fancy do with colorful beads.
The first big challenge of the morning was a fish art project. It may look relatively simple to you replicating this fish but there were several steps and many missed the most important one even though the art teacher said not once but many times 
So after supplying some with new sheets the project finally came together.

But the biggest challenge was getting ready for lunch recess. It involved 
  • going to your locker and getting all your winter gear out including boots
  • bringing all the gear into the classroom
  • getting dressed and zipped
  • finding both mittens and a hat
  • doing all this within a 10 minute time period 
Now that was not an easy task.  

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  1. So much fun reading this post with the wonderful holiday ideas and the activities of your daughter's students. What a blessing you are to her and them.