Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The World According to Bella

Today I am thankful for the United States Postal Service because... 
1. They make me so happy. I get letters delivered with treats from my secret admirer.
I'm now getting snacks that do not crumble in the mail
 2 . They have remembered to forward my mail from the lake to the cities.
3. They delivered a box to me yesterday from 1-800-petmeds.com with my pain meds. Inside the box were extra treats for me. 
4. They sent me an apology gift. Imagine the post office doing that!! 
The envelope was really ripped up. So the post office put the letter in a plastic bag saying they really sorry my mail was damaged. To make me feel better they even put in a gift card inside the envelope. Mrs. S wants you to know that I am NOT making this up. She had to explain to me what a Trader Joe's gift card is. She assured me we'd find a pet section and there would be something I'd like. 
So I think the postal service is just the BEST.  
What are you thankful for?
Love, Bella 
Thanksgiving Countdown
to roast 
to brine 
to deep fry 
to spatchcock
to braise
to grill
to smoke
to prop on a beer can 

to bag
to stew
to immerse in a water bath 
that is the question.
So no matter what method you choose 
I wish you luck cooking on this Thanksgiving day.

spatchcocking will change the way you think about and eat turkey?
The super crisp skin is worth the bold move. This method disposes of the backbone so the bird can be flattened and cooked skin side up. It is a game changer. Because the turkey is butterflied, there's more surface available for even browning and the high cooking temperature means crackly, crispy skin. And one of the best parts is the turkey cooks in almost half the amount of time. 

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