Friday, January 30, 2015

The World According to Bella

On The Road
Yesterday I missed all my usual naps. Last night I tossed and turned and had a hard time getting to sleep. Something was up but I wasn't quite sure what. Seemed like a lot of activity packing and cleaning the past few days. This was more than going to the lake. I was getting worried. 
Just as the sun came up Mr. C and Mrs. S sprung into action.  I was getting even more stressed wondering if I would be left behind. I felt better when Mr.C  put my bed in the back seat knowing I was 'in' wherever we were going, But the lack of space for me was a huge concern.      
FINALLY Mrs. S told me we were headed out West and we had some 1,600 miles to go. Now this sounded like a VERY long time in the car. When I heard our first destination was Wichita I wished I was Dorothy. I'd click my paws and be there in a flash. But at least I was not being left behind. I did my best to be good. I mostly napped, looked out the window and checked on their driving every so often to see how many more miles were left. My highlights of the day were the rest stops with  trash sniffing and the snacks Mrs. S brought for me.  
The motel was another story. I freaked out, paced for several hours before I could settle down. I just hope I can sleep tonight since I spent my whole day resting. At least Mr.C did get me to the dog park really early this morning. So early there wasn't one doggie to play with. I had the whole park to myself. 
Love, Bella

that mashed avocado toast is really big on the social media?
This breakout healthy breakfast item has been hashtagged on Instagram more than 1, 000 times in the past month. #avocadotoastismyjam and fans have posted 62,000 avocado toast- related tweets in 2014. 
So if you want to join the craze make a slice sometime. Add a little lemon juice and salt to a mashed avocado,spread on toasted bread, drizzle with olive oil and add a few red pepper flakes for a kick. The good fats and fiber in the avocado fill you up and help you feel full longer.

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