Saturday, January 31, 2015

The World According to Bella

On The Road-Day 2 
Mrs. S says I am becoming a seasoned traveler. I've now been through Kansas and Oklahoma and Texas and ending up in New Mexico for the night. I had hoped we'd get to Tucson in time to watch The Puppy Bowl but it isn't looking too promising but hopefully you can catch the show.

Puppy Bowl XI will air Sunday, February 1st at 3 PM ET on Animal Planet. 220 paws, or 55 puppies, will take the field for Team Ruff and Team Fluff. They’ll have a serious competition to see which team will achieve the coveted title of Puppy Bowl champs.

Points are scored whenever the pups carry a toy into the end zone. Housebreaking is still on the radar for these pint-sized pooches. Therefore whenever there is an accident on the field a flag is thrown. Stoppages occur when a water bowl runs empty.

The ride was very long again. I did my best to be good but it was so boring looking out the window. Kansas just had a bunch of fields, train tracks and oil rigs. Oklahoma had oil tanks, and more train tracks. Texas just lots of cows and was smelly. But it was a rest stop in New Mexico that really caught my interest. Just as I got out of the car I spied two bunnies heading for the bushes. I dragged Mr. C across the parking lot and the chase was on. I would have caught one of those bunnies if Mr. C hadn't slowed me down with that darn leash.

Mr.C has picked out Pet Friendly Motels for us to stay at,  He scored big on this one. As we pulled up to the entrance several dogs were outside with their owners to greet me.  Our  room had this doorknob holder. We knew this was our room. 
The best part of the hotel was a mini-fenced in dog park just for their furry guests out back. They thought of almost everything with Poop Bag Stations outside the motel in several spots. Now if they had only had a supply of milk bones I would have given them 5 stars instead of 4. 
Let's hope I get more sleep than last night. The other place was just too noisy and I wasn't really tired.

Mrs. S and I watched some super bowl commercials before going to bed just in case we miss seeing them tomorrow. Check out these links. 
Love, Bella
P.S. Mrs. S has already picked out my outfit for our AZ destination. I had hoped it was left behind in MN-no such luck! 

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