Monday, January 12, 2015

Tis the Season to Be a Bit Tacky-Part Two

Well indeed this party did put the G in glitter, J in jingle and F in fun. We even forgot about the frigid weather. All my ideas came from online sleuthing which included Pinterest and these two links below. I searched for free printables.
So starting out with the guests who wore their festive worst or tackiest sweaters. 

A fashion show was a must so each could show off their finest apparel  as well as share the best places to shop. 

Thrift,vintage shops, Ebay and Amazon were popular shopping destinations.

Everyone voted for their favorites in these categories
Best overall
Best Stock Sweater
Most Creative
Best Modified

And the WINNER  was...
It was  the hat with all the ornaments that really tied this tacky festive outfit together.
I also was quite impressed with how creative this guest was. She had given up her treasured 80's sweater many, many years ago but still had the photo of herself wearing it.  So she pinned that photo on her green sweater. I''ll bet she  wished she still had the sweater today.  

The guests were kept busy with a variety of games.

What's In Your Purse?
One Minute Unscramble (but names need to be correctly spelled)
And then there was all the potluck contributions at Rudolph's Food Station.  Oh my, such tasty treats. Next posting (part three) will include recipes for these food treats in addition to others not pictured.  

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  1. What an absolutely fun and fabulous party. And the variety of sweaters is impressive. Choosing a winner would have been difficult. I bet this party will be talked about for a long time.