Friday, May 1, 2015

May Starts Out With A Bang

Share a May Day basket with someone to brighten their day.

This new nationwide holiday stems from a program started last year by California indie bookstores. Now, more than 400 stores from Alaska to Maine are preparing for a full day of programs, entertainment and food to highlight their value.

Support your local independent bookstores on May 2. This website gives a map where each participating bookstore is located. I found 11 stores in the Twin Cities area and even one way up north in Park Rapids, MN

The 2015 Kentucky Derby is the 141st renewal of The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports. 
The first Saturday of May each year, thousands of people flock to Louisville, Kentucky, or flip on their TV sets to watch Thoroughbred horses race in "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports." Two minutes doesn't begin to cover the extent of the celebration although the horses are the stars of the show. 
But there is much more to the Kentucky Derby than a race. There is fashion and wild hats.

Kentucky Hot Browns

Kentucky Bourbon Pie

Mint Juleps
Since horse racing is a bit off my radar (I like fashion and food the best) It was necessary for me to go online:) I wanted to know who are top contenders to makes some informed guesses. So here are some top picks in each category.  
Oaks (Friday race )
Badatthewire 4-1
Stellar Wind 4-1
Derby (Saturday race)
Kentucky Derby favorite American Pharaoh will start from the 17th post, a position that has never won the Kentucky Derby, after Stanford scratched on Thursday. My money on this one??? We will see :)
Bolo 3-1
Dortmund 3-1
Enjoy the Weekend

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  1. I got to May Day baskets this morning from young families who are dear friends. Such sweetness. Happy May Day! Tomorrow I'm off to the Derby party in my fancy hat.