Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Sock Fairy Adventures in Sockland and A Summer Blueberry Tart

Reader ages 6-9 Story synopsis so far…
Will, an eight year old boy, is searching through the clothes in the dryer. He is looking for his other soccer sock. He really wants to find the mate as his soccer socks are a lucky pair. He once scored a winning goal wearing them. As Will leans into the dryer he suddenly is sucked in and tossed about. When Will stops spinning he tumbles out into a new place called Sockland.
Chapter One: SOCKLAND

Will rolled over a few times feeling dizzy from all the spinning. Lucky for him he still had his green striped soccer sock in his hand. He sat up and looked around. He wondered what kind of strange place he had rolled into. There were no cars, no people, no buildings just lots of mismatched socks everywhere hanging from tree branches. Even the sky looked funny, not blue, but many different colors of pinks, purples, oranges and yellows.

A "whoosh" sound made Will turn quickly around. Three fairy-like creatures flew by him. "Fairies", shouted Will. "I've seen pictures of you in my storybooks. Stop! Wait! Wait! for me,” yelled Will running down the road trying to catch up to them.
But the three fairies flew faster than Will could run. They seemed to be in a hurry. Each one was carrying a very full bag. Will was not watching where he was going and tripped over a large rock in the road. “Ouch!” he yelled looking at his knee. “That hurts.”

Will didn’t have time to worry about the pain in his knee. He needed to catch up and see where the fairies were going. It took him a long time to reach the hilltop with his leg hurting a lot. A large sign was posted. It said: THIS WAY TO SOCKLAND with an arrow pointing in the direction the fairies were flying. Will could see a town below the hill. The fairies stopped in front of a brick building. One fairy pulled something out of her pocket and waved it. Sprinkles of fairy dust flew off into the air and to the ground. The door opened. Three fairies flew in. The door shut quickly behind them.

By the time Will reached the building the pain in his leg was throbbing. He stood looking at the door that had opened and where the fairies flew in. Will wondered how he'd get in. He had heard fairies have their own magic wands and fairy dust but he didn't have either. There were no windows on the building just a big door with a sign above that said: SOCK BANK.

Will sat down on the ground hoping that his leg would feel better. Sprinkles of fairy dust on the road caught his attention. He scooped some up rubbing them in his hands. He liked all the sparkly colors. Will began to feel funny. He looked at himself. He was getting smaller, smaller and smaller. Will was surprised that his leg didn't hurt any more. Maybe rubbing fairy dust on his hands had helped his pain.

Will wasn't sure he liked his new small size. He heard a noise behind him. A fairy was waving her wand and whispering “Socks for Gold”. The door opened. She flew in and Will was quick. He got through the doorway just as the heavy door closed with a BANG!

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Look for Chapter Two: Sock Bank next Friday June 27th

Cook's notes: Puff pastry has a bit of magic about it the way it rises and bakes quickly. This summer blueberry tart is made from puff pastry and look delicious and quite easy. The link has pictures with step by step directions. 

The recipe comes from 
And yes... there really exists a tiptoe fairy blogsite! 

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