Thursday, June 18, 2015

The World of Fairy Magic

"I believe, of course, in magic. 
Magic is bringing about of unbelievable things 
through an obstinate faith 
that nothing is too good to be true..."
Frances Burnett Hodges, author "The Secret Garden" 
drawing by Susan Elizabeth Telke 
Once upon a time I wrote a children’s story called Sock Fairy Thieves. Despite the fact I have had a number of rejection slips the lives of sock fairies still continue on through my writing in various ways. In September 2009 Ever Ready first emerged on the blogging scene. Sock fairies was used for the URL for my inspiration. Now fast forward some 1,600 blog postings to 2015. To kick off summer every Friday (during the summer) I will be posting a sock fairy adventure on Ever Ready. The first one will be posted June 19th. Share these adventures with a wee one.

There is no better time to step into the world of fairy magic than the coming of the longest day of the year June 21, also known as Midsummer. It is a time when fairies are thought to be abroad and at their most powerful. But there are some things you as a human must understand about sock fairies. 

  • They are mischievous but intend no harm on humans. Sock fairies are quick and rarely seen by humans. 
  • Sock fairies work in pairs. They carry their own bag for collecting socks. In their bag you can find a bottle of fairy dust, their secret weapon in case they need help and a fairy wand. 
  • Sock fairies gather each morning for their to-do lists. They generally like to work during the day so they can gather in the evening to make merry near the fairy ring or work by the fireside on sock accessories. 
  • Sock fairies go a sock bank whenever their bag is full. A sock bank carries only mismatched socks. If a sock fairy can find a matching sock at the sock bank, the pair can be exchanged for a gold coin. 
  • Fall and winter seasons are sock fairies busiest times. Often they spend many evenings by the fireside making arm warmers, leg warmers, sock monkeys and other sock accessories from socks they have gathered. Mismatched socks are often turned into gifts to reward a human for a good deed. 
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Check back tomorrow for the first sock fairy adventure. Special thanks to the following for their encouragement and inspiration particularly my cousin Deb, Sarah C. Penny S. Becky F. and Shoreview Writing Group.

How about some fairy dust to make your world a more magical place? Haven't we all believed in magic at one time or another in our lives? Remember the whimsical nature of childhood dreams and fanciful ideas and themes? ...I wish...I wish... Why not make your own confection or medley of make believe? To wish for extraordinary blessings, to believe in wondrous events that sometimes one can only dream of...

If only I could share mine with you!
So the next best thing is making your own.
Recipe for Colored Pixie or Fairy Dust
  • 1 cup salt or sugar
  • 6 drops of food coloring-add more if want a vibrant color
  • generous sprinkle of extra fine glitter (any color) 
  • 2 dashes of silver glitter


  • In a zip loc bag add salt or sugar and food coloring. Secure bag at top. Use fingers to press on outside of bag mixing dye into salt/sugar. 
  • Add to the bag contents colored glitter with a little silver glitter and mix well.  
  • Put the fairy dust into a small bottle or container. Try dollar stores or Michaels for containers. 
  • You may need to use a funnel to get the fairy dust into a container, depending on how small the opening is. If you don't have a funnel, simply roll up a small piece of paper into a funnel shape and use a piece of tape to keep it in that shape. Cut the bottom of the funnel shape with a pair of scissors, making sure that the bottom of the funnel will fit into the container you want to put the fairy dust in.

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