Monday, August 24, 2015

DIY Mad Hatter Tea Party Ideas

Take a close look at this vintage Mad Hatter Tea Party centerpiece. You can replicate this by following a few DIY tips.
The keys were in the dollar bins at Michael’s. They are attached to some curtain rings.
At Michael’s little bottles can be purchased. Easy “drink me” signs can be made on the computer. 
Follow link for little Mad Hatter Hats {tutorial} and little Tea Party Chairs {tutorial} out of some wood cut-outs that were purchased for less than a dollar a piece.
Goodwill and other thrift stores are good places to find teacups and teapots. One teapot pictured here was spray painted gold. It is much cheaper to buy an inexpensive ugly thrift store teapot and spray paint it, than buy a nice one.
Teacup and saucer were purchased at the thrift store and placed in an upcycled dessert stand. 
Lastly, little white rabbit tea lights were used with scrapbook sized clocks and hidden within some moss in each centerpiece.
Fun food ideas
Caterpillar Grapes 
made with grapes, mini chocolate chips and vanilla frosting.
Eat Me Cookies-bake your favorite cookies. Use prepared gel icing for lettering.

The following link has a variety of ideas for invitation, decorations, food, drinks, costumes and games. 

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