Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Sock Fairy Adventures

Story synopsis so far...

Will is searching through the clothes in the dryer for his lost soccer sock. He really wants to find the mate as his soccer socks are a lucky pair. He once scored a winning goal wearing them. As Will leans into the dryer he is sucked in and tossed about. When Will stops spinning he tumbles out into a new place called Sockland.
This new magical place has mismatched socks everywhere hanging on tree branches. Three fairies fly by Will. He knows they are fairies from seeing their pictures in his storybooks. He runs down the road hoping to catch up to them but trips and falls over a large rock on the road. His leg hurts but he manages to catch up just as the fairies disappear through the door into the Sock Bank.
Unexpectedly Will’s size changes to very small when he rubs fairy dust over his hands. He is able to make it inside the Sock Bank behind a fairy just as the door closes. Will watches sock fairies unload their bags of mismatched socks in the bank hoping to find mates for their socks getting a gold coin in return. When Will spies his missing sock he grabs it but is caught by the sock security guards. When the guards lose their grip on Will a sock fairy named Melinda is able to rescue him. They fly out the opened Sock Bank door around the corner and out of sight.
Will and Melinda spy a poster advertising a sock hop at the Avalon Theater. All Will needs to do is wear his lucky socks, bring his dancing partner Melinda to the Avalon and dance till dawn to win the bag of coins. Lucky for Will wearing his matched pair of socks he and Melinda are able to win the sock hop contest. But unlucky for Will the sock security police spy him in the crowd. Melinda uses her magic powers and they fly out the door away from the theater. Melinda gives Will the bag of coins and tells him to get on the Sockland Express but be sure to get off at stop #3. The driver, Rocky Socky, is a sock monkey who wants Will to pay for the ride on the Sockland Express.
Will enjoys the magical ride of the Sockland Express when suddenly the bus makes an emergency landing at the Sock Mart. A clearance sale sign excites the passengers. Will is able to make a purchase of mismatched socks. He discovers Melinda on the Sockland Express and tells her about his plan to return to Sock Bank. He wants to find more matches for his socks as each pair will give him a gold coin. But Melinda has another idea. Will goes with Melinda deep into the woods to get to her home. A grouchy troll pops up as they pass over his bridge. Lucky Melinda knew the secret password to get them safely across.

Fairy Ring or Fairy Circle
A fairy ring is a natural occurring ring of mushrooms. They are also known as pixie’s rings, faerie circles, or elf circles. Fairy rings are where fairies came to a meeting to discuss major problems and how to fix them, share important news from the woods and to dance, feast and celebrate. The mushrooms around the rings are used as stools for the fairies to rest during the evenings festivities.
Deep Magic-a set of laws written on a stone table. 
And so our story begins...
Under The Full Moon at the Fairy Ring
Inside Will had never seen such tiny, tiny furniture made from stones, plants, twigs, grasses and shells. He was glad for his small size so he could stand up straight and not bump his head. Will's head felt dizzy looking at so many mismatched socks everywhere. Across the top of window was a large twig with socks hanging down as curtains. Looking out the window Will noticed a clothesline tied between two tree branches made from spider webs. In the corner was a red wagon filled a pile of neatly folded mismatched socks. In front of the door entrance was a large sock that said welcome. Socks were hanging off the chandelier, hooks on the wall and towel bars. One chest had drawers labeled with colors to help sort the pile of mismatched socks. Nearby another chest had drawers labeled striped and spotted.  A quilt made from mismatched socks was spread out. And even the table was set with place mats made from socks. Remember sock fairies do like to be tidy.
The same flower was in different kinds of vases everywhere. "What are these? Why so many Melinda?"
"Will, the number one fairy favorite is the bluebell. 
Sometimes we eat them, make music with their bells, make hats for our babies and we just love their bright color. So Will if  you can only grow one kind of flower be sure to plant bluebells as they will attract fairies to your garden." 
Will really wanted to ask to borrow her book How To Make Sock Puppets but he could see Melinda was in a hurry. Lucky Will remembered to set down his welcome gift, a shiny pink stone. He had heard fairies like sparkly gifts.  
"Will, quick the moon is rising and we need to get to the fairy ring. The Fairy Queen will be at our meeting tonight. We will gather under the willow tree. We have a problem to discuss with the trolls not letting fairies pass over the bridge. The trolls are making the fairies work for them as a payment to get over the bridge. The Fairy Queen knows Deep Magic and can help solve problems. She will have ideas on how to help you get back into the Sock Bank without the sock security police catching you. But I might warn you if you get the Fairy Queen's help you will have to share your wealth."
"But why meet under a Willow tree?" said Will.
"Because willow trees inspire us to communicate and be creative with problem solving. Then after we will be merry dance under the moonlight and have a feast."
Melinda grabbed Will's hand they flew out the door into the woods. The moon was just coming up over the trees. The path through the woods sparkled with bits of fairy dust. The sun light grew dim as they approached the willow tree. They flew through the swinging willow branches. Will paused, transfixed by the sight of so many other fairies seated at the Fairy Circle. He was surprised each one held a different type of fairy wand. He recognized a porcupine quill, a peacock feather, a pussy willow, a stalk of bluebells and many more different kinds. Many of the flower fairies were wearing outfits made from fallen petals.   
Suddenly there was a flash of light. The whispering and giggling stopped. The Fairy Queen appeared in the middle of the Fairy Ring.  
There was not a sound to be heard in the forest as if all were waiting for her to speak. She touched gently the hand of a young fairy nearby to join the group. A light shone around the Queen as she began to speak in a soft voice barely above a whisper. "Welcome, welcome! Gather around and makes yourselves comfortable. We have important business to discuss tonight." 
 Friday August 14th Sock Fairy Adventures 
An Adventure Under The Moonlight

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