Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Sock Fairy Adventures

The fairy poet takes a sheet 
Of moonbeam, silver white; 
His ink is dew from daisies sweet, 
His pen a point of light. 
~ Joyce Kilmer ~
Important information to share  
old legends will tell you that the fairy ring is where the Faeries dance and perform many of the rituals of their own magic. Legends might warn you that those who join the Fairy dance within the circle under the moon are sometimes lost to time and place and may even disappear forever..."

There are many stories written on Fairy history, folklore, and superstitions. Most of them talk about the terrible consequences of interfering in the lives of Fairies, revealing their location, stepping into their ring or trying to capture them.

"...if a human steps into the ring (s)he will be compelled to join the Fairies in their wild dancing, which would seem to occur just a few minutes but in fact would last for seven years or more. The unfortunate human can only be rescued by someone outside the ring who can grab hold of his or her coat-tails..."

It is said that bad luck and doom befalls those who cross the Fairies but I'm not sure if this is an early Celtic interpretation or not.

Pixies-The well known Pixie is a small, winged fairy has a human-type form and at its tallest is only 6” tall. Pixies are quite attracted to small children,laughter, and happiness.

Last week's adventure story left off with Will and Melinda at the fairy ring.
She touched gently the hand of a young fairy nearby to join the group. A light shone around the Queen as she began to speak in a soft voice barely above a whisper. "Welcome, welcome! Gather around and makes yourselves comfortable. We have important business to discuss tonight."

An Adventure Under The Moonlight
After hearing Melinda's tale of humans not stepping inside the fairy ring Will sat very still hoping not to be noticed, He was listening carefully to what the Fairy Queen had to say when Melinda whispered to Will. "Look around Will, the flower, water, garden and tree fairies have joined the pixies for this meeting."  
The Queen Fairy had everyone's attention. "Our first order of business in what to do with those grumpy trolls that scare fairies as they try to cross what they say is their bridge." Will recognized Eva, a fairy from the sock hop. She stepped inside the fairy ring and begin to tell her story. Her voice was soft and Will could see she was trembling. "I had been flying low over the bridge when something large popped up in front of me causing me to lose my balance. I rolled over in space a few times and then tumbled to the ground. When I looked up several  trolls had surrounded me. I did not know the secret password to cross safely over so the trolls started to drag me underneath the bridge into their home. But lucky for me Melinda was nearby and helped me out with the password. I was really scared those trolls were going to make me a prisoner in their house."
A long discussion went on about how to deal with the problem trolls and always changing the password. It was finally decided that fairies would sign up for a guard duty watch over the bridge and spy duty getting the secret password to pass along to the fairies.  The Fairy Queen gave each fairy who signed up for duty special permission to use their fairy dust to become invisible as needed. 
Will was startled when the Fairy Queen looked at Melinda and Will. "I see we have a visitor to our meeting. And Melinda has told me Will has a problem we need to discuss."  
Will stood up and tried to speak loudly though he was scared with all the fairies looking right at him. "I have had a bad experience at the Sock Bank with Sock Security Police trying to catch me.  I was just trying to find my missing soccer sock when I spied a matching sock on the table. I managed to escape them at Sock Bank and at the Sock Hop. When I was at the Sock Mart I got lucky with a special they had on mismatched socks. I now have a large bag filled with them. I want to go back to the Sock Bank and find matching pairs. If you can help me I would split the gold coins that I get for matching pairs with you. Melinda then could bring the gold coins back here to the meeting."
The fairies whispered back and forth. "Will, we like the idea for getting more gold coins for our fairy pot. But you are going to need this bottle of pixie dust. Melinda will tell you what to do with it."    
Just as the Fairy Queen handed the pixie dust to Melinda, Will could see the moon rising above the trees. Faint music could be heard far off in the woods. Several fairies joined hands and begin to skip and dance around the tree. Will was excited thinking what might happen next.  
Friday Sock Fairy Adventure
A Feast and a Dance Under the Moonlight August 21.  

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