Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Sock Fairy Adventures

Pay Attention: Leave Room in Your Garden for the Fairies to Dance

Vocabulary: Mortals-humans
Distracted-not paying attention
Gossamer-a very fine, light delicate material that is made from cobwebs spun by small spiders
Elderberry-berries and blossoms from this plant are used to make fairy wine 
Last week we left off in the story with Will and Melinda at the fairy ring. The Queen Fairy was having a meeting with all the flower and woodland fairies. Will had been warned not to step inside the fairy ring. He could be lost to other mortals for 7 years. 
Will is hoping the Fairy Queen will help him. He wants to go back to Sock Bank to find more matching socks for the bag of mismatched socks he got at the Sock Mart. He tells the Fairy Queen if he gets gold coins he will give half to her for the Fairy Pot. But he knows the Sock Bank Security will try to capture him. The Queen Fairy gives Will a bottle of pixie dust. Will is distracted by the music, the moon coming up and fairies who begin the dance around the tree inside the fairy ring.  He does not hear the Queen Fairy's directions on how to use the pixie dust. And we as the reader hope that Will will remember... 
Legends might warn you that those who join the Fairy dance within the circle under the moon are sometimes lost to time and place and may even disappear forever..."

A Feast and A Dance Under the Moonlight
Will stuffs the small bottle of pixie dust into his pocket.  
Just looking at the huge feast laid out underneath a gossamer canopy made Will hungry. He saw twigs, dew drops, an elderberry punch, cakes baked in the shape of toadstools, tomato toadstools, sweet acorns and berries.
The table was decorated with some of the fairies favorite flowers; Bluebells, Forget-Me-Nots, Primroses and Violets. Even mossy greens were used as decorations around the toadstool cake.  
But the sweet sounds of the elves on their violins and the pixies playing their flutes made him forget his hunger. As the music got louder Will began to spin and twirl about to the music getting closer and closer to the fairy ring. He watched the fairies circling round and round the tree going faster and faster as the music picked up speed. Will twirled and spun even faster keeping time to the music.
"Will, slow down, shouted Melinda. Did you make sure your pixie dust top is on tight? Didn't you hear what the Queen Fairy told you what will happen if you spill the dust on yourself?"  
Will did not seem to care what she was shouting. He was having such a good time dancing and enjoying the music. Several pixies who were nearby dancing grabbed his hand and led him toward the circle of toadstools or the fairy ring. Will whirled and whirled about joining hands with the dancing fairies, laughing and singing. Suddenly Will disappeared from sight.  
 Friday Sock Fairy Adventure August 28th Inside the Fairy Ring

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