Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Sock Fairy Adventures

If only Will had listened more to Melinda he would have heard about the terrible consequences of stepping into their ring.
Legends warn us... that those humans who join the Fairy dance within the circle under the moon are sometimes lost to time and place and may even disappear forever. He or she may be forced to join the Fairies in their wild dancing, which would seem to occur just a few minutes but in fact would last for seven years or more. Attempting to rescue a friend from the Fairy Ring is difficult. A captive can be rescued by following the faerie music while others hold firmly to the rescuer’s clothing, reaching into the ring (keeping one foot firmly outside the circle) and pulling the captive dancer out.

Some believe the only safe way to investigate a fairy ring is to run around it on the outside nine times then add one more lap around to make it safe to step inside. Doing this allows the runner to hear the fairies dancing in the ring. But it must be done under a full moon, and in the direction the sun travels during the day. It is also said that wearing a hat backwards confuses the fairies and stops them from doing the wearer any harm.

What we do know so far in the story is that there is a full moon, Will is not wearing a hat but he does have pixie dust in his pocket and is trapped inside the fairy ring.  

Last week's story ending
Several pixies who were nearby dancing grabbed his hand and led him toward the circle of toadstools or the fairy ring. Will whirled and whirled about joining hands with the dancing fairies, laughing and singing. Suddenly Will disappeared from sight. 
Inside The Fairy Ring
Will was spinning and wildly dancing to the merry tunes. At first he didn't even notice that he was inside the fairy ring and Melinda was nowhere to be seen. Will was surprised all the dancing fairies, pixies and elves didn't seem to notice him. The bright moonlight above the trees shone so bright it lit up the woods. Sweet melodies from the elves and pixies playing their violins, harps and flutes seemed to be casting a spell over Will. He felt tired from all the dancing and merriment. It was hard for him to stay awake. He moved over near a tree stump thinking he'd rest a bit. As Will leaned against the tree he noticed sparkles of pixie dust spilling out of his pocket. 
"Oh, no the top came off my pixie bottle. Why wasn't I more careful." 
He scooped up the few remaining pixie dust sparkles as best he could, trying to fit them back into the bottle and secured the top tight. By now his hands, pant leg and pocket inside were covered with sparkles of pinks, blues, yellows and bits of diamond dust.
As the music kept playing Will was getting sleepier and sleepier. Fragrant smells of food were floating around  his head making his tummy growl from hunger.
Will thought he heard a soft whisper "Psst-Psst-Psst-Will over here." And he felt a tug on his shirt.
Startled Will sat straight up and looked around to see where the whisper was coming from. 
He could hear but couldn't see anything.   
Again another soft whisper  which sounded a bit like Melinda'a voice. "Will, I'm behind the tree but outside the fairy ring. Don't you know you are invisible from all the pixie dust spilled out of your pocket. No one inside the fairy ring knows you are there yet. But if we don't hurry you will be stuck there and could be gone from mortal land for at least 7 years. Listen carefully this is my plan to get you out..."
But Melinda's words were becoming faint. Will looked up to find himself surrounded by several dancing fairies. 

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Conclusion of Summer Friday Sock Adventures will be in 2 installments. 
Thursday September 3 and September 4

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