Thursday, August 6, 2015

Private Up North Home Tour Fairy Garden

"Hand in hand with fairy grace
will we sing and bless  this place."
-William Shakespeare
Today I was lucky to get a private home tour of a fairy garden created by Kate and some of her friends. 
They found just the right spot down a path into the woods toward the lake. Each part of this fairy garden was carefully thought out.
The tour begins at the base of the tree where Kate is standing. There is a sign on the door to welcome visitors. 
In the middle of the fairy garden is a fire pit with benches just waiting for dusk, the full moon to rise and fairies to gather for their evening meeting, eating and dancing. 
Nearby Dew Drop Inn is open to visitors who wish to spend the night.   
Next to the Inn is the entrance to a lovely garden complete with tables and chairs for the guests to enjoy their stay. 
And the caretakers of the Inn thought of everything. They put up a clothesline nearby just in case guests have to wash and dry their clothes.
Nearby a feast has been spread out on the cloth with a variety of fairy sandwiches to choose from.

Across from the Inn Kate set up more housing for visiting fairies. 
After the fairy home tour Kate and I talked more about her fairy garden I think she must have read this book carefully before she started. She remembered so many things that fairies love like shiny 
objects. Several glass droplets were spread around the garden.  A welcome sign on the door encourage more fairies to visit. Kate and her friends were clever to add a clothesline.  This appeals to fairies sense of cleanliness as they are very tidy and love doing laundry.
I forgot to tell Kate when I read the book I found out that fairies love dancing at night around the fairy ring so it might be nice to add some music with wind chimes.   
Kate and her friends worked really hard on this project and plan to keep adding things each time they make a return visit to the garden. Meanwhile she has asked her grandma to be the caretaker until she returns. 
Now I suppose you are all wondering how will Kate and her friends know if fairies have visited their garden. Some signs are if you see out of the corner of your eye a flicker or a glimmer, almost like a firefly-if you see it then you don't, that surely means a fairy is nearby. Tinkling bells when there is no known source of music is another common sign. Fairy rings and dew tents, those little wispy canopies over the grass in the morning, is another sign fairies had fun the night before. But probably the best sign that fairies have found your garden their favorite is uncontrollable laughter. Remember fairies love laughter!

Here are some food ideas for a fairy themed party  
Strawberry Mushrooms

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  1. Great job, Kate and friends. I especially like the detail of the clothesline.