Monday, August 31, 2015

The World According to Bella

Some thought I 've been on vacation, others wondered if I've been sick and even a few thought I'd stopped the blogging thing all together, but after some 46 days of gone missing 
I want to you to know 
Really it has been all Mrs. S's fault. She seemed too busy to help me and was always on the computer when I wanted to use it. I am happy to report we now have another computer. Mrs. S has promised me things will change. In fact I even heard Mrs. S talk about getting me my own website so I can blog all I want. Now that would be a dream come true!  
Mrs. S and Mr. C have been real happy this summer with my excellent job on guard yard watch. I've scared many an intruder off. In fact maybe I've taken the job too seriously. There have been many middle of the night and early mornings trips outside to check on strange noises and possible intruders in the yard. You should know that Mr. C does not like his sleep interrupted.  But thanks to me Mrs. S's flowers and tomatoes are in the best shape ever.   
I've had a few weather related problems. There were several weeks when we had a lot of rain.  
So much in fact one day my main hole filled up with water and even my back up hole was flooded too. I watched it rain all day wishing it would stop. 
When it finally ended all I could do was lay next to the two holes hoping for some sunshine to dry them out.  
After days of rain came the heat. Let me tell you something wearing a fur coat is not good. I ended up staying inside a lot and laying around. I do need my AC fix. 
I 've had many play dates with Sadie and Mulligan. We had fun swimming in the lake, exploring the woods and going on boat rides. But one thing I don't like is having to share my hole. When they leave I have to repaw the ground to get it back just the way I like it. 
According to Mr. C and Mrs. S my summer has been good but rather uneventful since I haven't eaten or killed anything I shouldn't have, and thankfully have not thrown up on the carpet. But it may be a little too soon to say this since Fall doesn't start until September 23.
Love, Bella  

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