Thursday, September 24, 2015

Autumn Poetry and New Beginnings

Poetry opens a new season this week with Sharon Harris's beautiful imagery in the poem "Autumn". The scene is set with brushstroked hues of autumn along the mighty Mississippi. 
by Sharon Harris
reprinted with permission from the author

is a shy lady,
gentle and cool,
a bit aloof in her ways,
sharp sometimes
but beautiful too.
she dresses in robes of brilliant color,
from rust to gold,
from amber to shimmering red.
she is flamboyant in her dress
but quiet otherwise.
there is a deep secrecy in her voice,
frost on her breath
and the look of death in her eyes.

"Autumn" from "Four Seasons Women"
previously published in "Unspoken" 2011
"Unspoken" is her third published poetry book. it contains poems of raw feelings that have lived through two broken hearts, loss of a parent, etc. Sharon feels as we all learn, grow and age, it is important to find a way to leave our fingerprints on the world recording one's life's passions and yearnings so they will be remembered. Don't let them disappear unwritten or unspoken. Follow this link to purchase the book for $10.00
Sharon Harris is a poet and a writer. She has had over 170 poems published in various anthologies and magazines. Her hobbies include photography and reading. She has published several poetry books;"Timeless Tracks", "Life Savors" and "Unspoken." Sharon has been the co-editor for the Talking Stick, a Minnesota literary journal published by the Jackpine Writers' Bloc. It is produced entirely by Minnesota writers for Minnesota writers since the beginning in 1995. Sharon does proofing and editing and is on the Board of directors for the Jack Pine Writers' Bloc. 
Catching Up With A New Kindergarten Class
Notes from the Volunteer/Helper:
Another new school year with the kindergartners in Room 106.
Week Three: School is busy with 5 year olds learning lots of new things. Gone are the days of just playing and nap time. School is all day event and for many a whole new experience not having been to preschool. Check this schedule out. In a 3 hour time period they practiced writing numbers

counting numbers 1-5.

They practiced writing their name and identified the letters in their name
sang songs with their teacher, listened to stories and helped make classroom rules.  
One of my assignments for the day was to take photos of each student. 
No this is not a student sleeping but one only pretending to sleep. Each student is making a poster on their hopes and dreams. The "staged photo" is to show them dreaming. I spent a lot of time on the floor arranging each student in a dreaming pose.  
  But some things never change. Many still can't tie their shoes. 
So as I was tying laces I did notice a lot of fancy footwear-smart moves to buy Mary Janes with Velcro. 

Good for me to know upcoming letter for the week is 
and color for the week
to be ready (no pun intended).
Kindergartners favorite book this week was "Mix It Up." It's a delightful interactive read on colors. 
Stay tuned for more kindergartner happenings.

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  1. Sharon is such a lovely person and talented poet. I know her only through emails as my work has been published in The Talking Stick numerous times. This year I earned honorable mention in creative nonfiction and last year second place in poetry. I hope one of these years to attend the book release party.

    I love your posts about kindergarten. So fun to see the kids and their styles and to read what they are learning.