Thursday, September 3, 2015

Conclusion of Friday Sock Fairy Adventures: Part One

Dear Reader, 
You need to know that usually people that enter fairy rings are invited to celebrations, singing, dancing, drinking and eating. NOW the tricky bit comes when the time to eat arrives. If you eat fairy food you will never crave human food again. And remember he or she may be forced to join the Fairies in their wild dancing, which would seem to occur just a few minutes but in fact would last for seven years or more. Attempting to rescue a friend from the Fairy Ring is difficult. A captive can be rescued by following the faerie music while others hold firmly to the rescuer’s clothing, reaching into the ring (keeping one foot firmly outside the circle) and pulling the captive dancer out.
Last week's ending...But Melinda's words were becoming faint. Will looked up to find himself surrounded by several dancing fairies.
An Escape
Will felt a tug on his hand as two of the dancing fairies pulled him up to join in on the dancing. He couldn't understand why he wasn't invisible anymore. Maybe the pixie dust only works for a short while. But the beat of the music and the sweet sounds of the flutes and violins made him forget about being seen as he danced and danced. And he wasn't even thinking what was in his pockets.    
Soon several more fairies joined hands and the dancing ring with Will got bigger. As they whirled round and round Will saw other fairies dancing everywhere and other fairies, gnomes and elves busy preparing the feast.
As the dancing ring passed by a huge oak tree Will felt a strong tug and he flew out of the dancing ring and landed into a large bush nearby. He couldn't see anybody but did hear "Will, it's me Melinda. You've got to stop dancing and get out of this fairy ring or you'll be lost for many, many years. And whatever you do DO NOT EAT any of the fairy food. When the music stops and everyone goes to eat meet me back here. Remember to check your pockets."
Those were the last words Will heard because he was yanked out of the bush by two elves who did not look too friendly. 
"Come with us," said the one elf. It's time to eat and you have work to do."
The elves dragged Will over to the large pot sitting on top of the stone. "Here take this spoon stir the stew and be sure to taste it before you spoon it out for the other fairies." 
As Will stirred and stirred the stew's aroma made it harder and harder not to take just a tiny, teeny taste. One of the elves sprinkled salt and pepper over the stew and declared it ready to serve. All of a sudden Will felt a huge sneeze coming on. When he reached into his pocket for Kleenex his fingers touched the bag of coins. He had forgotten Melinda had given it to him after they won at the sock hop. Discovering the coins in his pocket gave Will an idea. He knew he couldn't stay dancing and feasting forever. 
He looked at the other elf who had just begun to ladle the stew. "If you help me escape I will give you a bag of coins."  Will jingled the bag of coins in front of the elf. 
"I need to meet someone near the big oak tree. But I have to get over there without anyone seeing me. I am supposed to be stirring, tasting and serving stew. I'm sure the head elf is watching me."
"Leave it to me. As soon as the fairies, gnomes and elves line up for stew we will make our break,"said the elf who seemed quite excited to get a bag of coins.
As the dancing fairies, gnomes and elves lined up for stew Will and the elf dashed toward the tree. Just as Will sprinkled some pixie dust all over himself, he felt a tug on his shirt. Quickly he handed the elf his bag of coins and POOF! Will was gone from sight.

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Conclusion Friday September 4 Sock Bank and Home 

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