Thursday, September 3, 2015

Part Two Conclusion Friday Sock Fairy Adventures

Friday Sock Fairy Adventures Part Two Conclusion
Part One story ended with...
Just as Will sprinkled some pixie dust all over himself, he felt a tug on his shirt. Quickly he handed the elf his bag of coins and POOF! Will was gone from sight.
Melinda held tight onto Will's shirt making sure he was safely outside the fairy ring.
"Will hang on tight to my hand. We need to hurry and fly up these steps  
and through the woods
to quickly get back to my house 
before they discover you are gone." 
Will felt a bit dizzy being high off the ground. The arrived quickly and checked to see that no one was around. Will hurried past Melinda's laundry hanging out wishing he owned a pair of wings like the ones on the line. 
Once inside Melinda shut the door and bolted it tight. Will slid into a chair at the table. "Oh Melinda thanks for saving me some tea. What a night I've had." 
"Will, here's your bag of mismatched socks from the Sock Mart you left near the fairy ring."
"Melinda looks like you have been saving socks too for the sock bank."
"That's right Will but you need to remember the deal you and  the Fairy Queen made. She gave you pixie dust in case you need help to get out of the bank safely. But any coins you get half of them go back to the fairy pot. And Rocky Socky will see that you get home. The bank opens at 9:00 AM tomorrow."
The next day Melinda and Will were up early. Their bags were packed with mismatched socks. Just as they left the house Melinda gave Will a brightly wrapped package. 
"Will here's a little gift from me. Put it in your bag but wait to open it until you are on the Sockland Express. Do you still have your pixie dust?"
Will fingered the pixie dust bottle in his pocket. He made sure the top was on tight.
Only a few sock fairies were waiting in line for the doors to open. He could hardly stand still. He was excited to find matching pairs and get some coins. He was happy there were no sock security police around. When it was Will's turn he dumped his bag out on the counter. He was able to find 16 matching pairs. Just as the  Sock Fairy Teller handed Will 16 coins for the matching pairs he heard a lot of shouting in the back. 
"There he is. No mortals are allowed in this bank. Arrest him!" 
"Will, quick use your pixie dust!"
Melinda grabbed the 8 coins Will left behind for the fairy pot.  
Honk Honk Honk Melinda hoped Will got on the Sockland Express in time. 

But readers you need not worry. Will did make it home safely. Since no time had passed being in Sockland Will got to his game on time wearing his lucky matching pair of soccer socks. But now he had a new good luck charm tucked safely in his pocket. Can you guess what it is? It was Melinda's gift. Just what Will had wanted from her clothesline. 

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