Friday, September 18, 2015

The World According to Bella and Healthy Eating

Bad Night
I tossed, turned and could not sleep all night long.  My legs twitched and mouth made moaning sounds. At least this is what Mrs. S said she saw and heard. I had this dream that my bowl was filled over the top. It was so real that 

I even got up to check to see if this was all true. Sadly it was not. When I fell back to sleep this time I was dreaming I got my very own picture on the front of a milkbone box. 
Guess I kept Mr. C and Mrs. S awake and they were none too happy about that.  
But the good news...the lady at the drive thru bank remembered me with a mini
and Mrs. S did give me handful of my favorite snack after a morning of blogging. I do type slow.
Mrs. S reminded me today it's Friday and the day we'd post some healthy foods.
What a bonanza! Mrs. S discovered this site which posts healthy simple Weight Watchers recipes arranged by points.
 Two recent postings both only 4 points
Garlic Herb Shrimp
 Chicken Fajitas 
Mrs. S found this book that has over 200 healthy crockpot recipes packed with vegetables and hearty grains. One of the best parts are meals, sides and desserts take no more than 15 minutes preparation.  

Have a fun filled weekend.
Love, Bella

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