Wednesday, November 4, 2015

T is for Turkey

I was ready-no pun intended :) I asked ahead. The letter for the day was T and appropriate since it was Tuesday. I brought my bag of T's

T for toothbrush
T for toothpaste
T for turkey picture
T for 10 pennies we counted out twice
T for a trick/treat bag with treats for the class. 

Looks like they had a busy morning before I came.
They colored coffee filters with markers and used eye droppers of water to create the colorful feathers. In the afternoon they completed the turkey's body. Pay attention this was a project with many, many steps. I can assure not one turkey body looked the same. 
  After playtime at several choice centers 
they switched gears to another multi-step project-pumpkin art. Below is the teacher copy.  
For many this was a first using a watercolor set with a brush. Oh my, not one pumpkin was painted the same and most sets at the end had hardly a drop of orange or yellow left! But they sure had fun.
Kudos to their teacher for being so creative and ambitious to undertake such big projects. They were quite proud of their work.
At the end of the day I concluded (though I knew this all along) teaching kindergarten is at the minimum, a two person job!
Just in case you have time this month to carry out the theme T is for Turkey here are some additional ideas.    
Turkey Treats
Oreo Cookie for the middle
Three pretzels for each cookie
Candy Corn for nose
Almond bark to drench the pretzels and Oreo in.
After dipping cookie and pretzels lay together on a flat surface and everything should stick.
You can use whatever you want for the eyes!

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  1. What fun these kindergartners have with all of these art projects. And those food ideas are great, especially for little ones.