Saturday, March 26, 2016

And the Winner is...

The winners from the PEEPS Pioneer Press St. Paul, MN contest have been announced. Diorama makers participating in this annual springtime tradition were inspired by the usual array of current events, pop culture, politics, classic literature, music, movies and mythology.

For example, there were several dioramas that depicted local Black Lives Matter protests. One entry, titled “No Justice No Peeps,” strove to “shed light on the corruption and exploitation of the American Judicial System,” according to the artist’s statement. Another diorama commented on the current political debate about immigration, featuring candy versions of Donald Trump and Pope Francis. A video entry urged “Make America sweet again!” Seems many felt marshmallows were a good or even therapeutic way to vent about current events or document important parts in their life. 

#1 PEEPS Stardust (tribute to the late David Bowie 70's Era)
#2Charlie and the PEEPS Factory
#3 (tie) Cecil the Lion Gets PEEPS revenge 
#4 (tie) PEEPS Honoring Our Vets
#5 Honorable mention PEEPSover
You need to admire the ingenuity and creativity of this entry. More than 500 PEEPS were used to make this 5-by-5-foot Peeps quilt. They came out of a freezer containing a collection of 1,200 PEEPS, some at least 10 years old.
and I loved this People's Choice Award titled: Lake Minnepeepolis
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