Friday, April 29, 2016

Art in Bloom

A huge dose of creativity and imagination made for a very healthy Friday as I wandered through The Minneapolis Institute 160 Art in Bloom exhibits. After some four hours with a short coffee break and 103 photos later, I decided the participating floral artists and commercial designers must have read the sign below.  
The 33rd Art in Bloom was presented by The Friends of Institute. It's a four day event, a celebration of spring, where the galleries are filled with floral arrangements that mirror pieces of art found at the Institute.
This year I noticed that the artists paid as much attention to the vessels/vases that held the floral arrangements as to the overall display.  
An inviting whimsical floral display of a ballgown made of flowers was outside the building entrance 
and let's not forget the shoes for the dress.  
Inside these charming floral hats really caught my attention as well as the clothing items embellished with flowers. 
Watch as art unfolds into floral displays

Titled: Scholar's Playthings
While this floral display was stunning with the colors and materials used I found the vase extraordinary. It was helpful that many of the artists were on hand to talk about their floral display, vision and materials used. I learned this vase made of fused glass and the firing of the glass is a 14 hour process.
 Titled:Three Standing Forms in a Garden
Note the attention to detail with this representation as three similar containers were used to mimic the art piece.
Titled:Leopard Water Pitcher
One of my favorite pieces titled: Clock 

Each of the clocks were working and the floral creation below was even in sync with the time 1:26.

Titled: Rudiakshamala Necklace

Some eye catching floral displays that incorporated unusual flower varieties and/or arrangements.  

A framed window picture art that looked over the park with downtown Minneapolis skyline in the background.
The brochure advertised the event as bold, beautiful and fleeting. These words indeed salute the showcase of artistry, creativity and imagination found at Art in Bloom.  For me it was a lovely way to spend part of a spring day enjoying creative and imaginative art.   


  1. Thank you for the tour, Sue. Next year I MUST attend this show. If I wasn't busy tomorrow, I'd take it in.

  2. yes, you would love it-such a nice indoor spring break

  3. yes, you would love it-such a nice indoor spring break