Saturday, April 2, 2016

Weekend Round-Up Part Two

HF Coors - American made dinnerware, lead free, chip resistant, a variety of patterns and dinnerware sets. Think Fiestaware but much more sturdy.  
I was happy to get in on this popular weekly Tuesday morning tour. Know that you need reservations. What impressed me the most was each dish placed in the showroom or shipped out has been hand painted and handled by some 25-40 different people. A lot of attention to detail so this dinnerware is considered labor intensive.  
The artist in residence here hand paints each design.  
Three apprentices work with him. This cup was being hand painted by one of the apprentices.  
The  process begins with mounds of clay that are lead free. 
Clay is fed into these machines.
Molds are made for each piece of dinnerware. 
Each piece is checked, buffed, and shined before the glazing step.
Of course there are many many more steps but I just highlighted a few of this labor intensive process. The fact these dishes are made in the U.S.A  and lead free are real selling points plus they are quite attractive. 
But I knew Bella and Mr.C would not like this javelina piece.
I think these Cranberry Orange Drop Cookies would like quite tempting on any plate. 
Recipe posted Monday.

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  1. I would have loved this tour. And I love the dishes. They remind me of Red Wing (some of them). You should have purchased that javelina plate.