Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend Round-Up

Hello Crafters
Each summer a group of teacher friends come to the lake for relaxation, good eats, fine conversations and making crafts. We rotate taking turns coming up with a craft and making sure everyone has the right supplies. Thrift stores are one of our most valuable resources. Some of our previous creative endeavors from years past include:
(left to right front of picture)
cake stand (plate glued on a wine glass for a base), wine glass (decorative wire and beads glued on), spoon (decorative wire and beads glued on), writing original poems (typing on decorative paper and framing the work), and napkin note cards.
Last year additions were paper gift boxes (made from cardstock) which became highly addictive once we got the hang of it 

and wine bags made from jean pant legs and khaki pants. 
This year we went for a fall theme. We decorated styrofoam pumpkins starting with our favorite quote and then letting imagination take its course with glitter, Derwent Watercolor Pens and Pitt Artist Pens.  
The finished products were staged on the porch with pops of fall color. 
Note; Michaels has additional  decorating ideas.
On and off between conversations, movies and food we colored.  
We jumped on the adult coloring book craze with this activity. 
I bought a small (3 x 5) coloring book and tore out the pages. We colored a page. added a touch of sparkle with glitter pens and glued page onto blank notecards. 

Bernie brought us all sock cupcakes. This creative idea has limitless possibilities. Think shower, birthday or just a fun pick me up gift for a friend.   
All you need is a pair of ankle socks, chap stick, stiff cupcake holder (with high sides) sheet of clear wrapping paper and a bow.

And Jo Anne bought us next year's project from Pinterest. Here's a sneak peek at her idea. 
Marbleized Painted Notecards. The best part is you only need blank notecards, shaving cream, acrylic paints and imagination. Great kid project too. 
Just in case you wanted to get started follow this link.

Some Favorite quotes:
"You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream." C.S.Lewis
"Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated." Osho Hindi

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