Friday, October 7, 2016

Catching Up with Room 13

This year I got a late start helping out in Room 13 with one month of school already gone by. Kindergartners were in full swing. They knew the rules, most of their letters and are currently working on letter sounds. I was prepared ahead having checked to find that today's letter was
I came with some of my letter T items to share. See if you can name the T objects.
I must say they were diligent workers as they focused on decorating their turtles
and Fall calendar.
My helper job today was taking pictures of pretend sleeping children. Each student was interviewed telling their hope and dream for the kindergarten year. Here is a sample poster from last year's class. 
But laying down on the floor with a pillow, blanket,stuffed bear in the middle of the day pretending to sleep seemed to be a hard concept. There were lots of giggles!  
Will keep you posted on upcoming apple and firefighter unit.

Looking for books for this age group? Check out this previous blog for some titles.
And some of my personal favorites include:

Bella's personal favorite

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  1. What a great idea...the hopes and dreams photos and words.

    I, too, love the David books.