Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weekend Round-Up Part Two

Catching up with Room 13 on a Friday was a whirl of activity that left me wishing I could take a nap afterwards. The energy level was high. I checked ahead to find out the letter of the day was
 The letter Y left me in a tizzy thinking up Y objects to bring and not  being able to find a Yak anywhere. 

This seemed like a simple Y activity but the part about turning  4 x 4 piece of yellow paper (rounding the corners) to make a circle for a yo-yo slowed many down. Could not believe how small a yo yo could get! 
The afternoon was packed with  

making a TEAMWORK flag 

 reviewing letter sounds 
reviewing numbers by stacking cubes and counting
writing out numbers with shaving cream 

and finishing up photos for hopes and dreams project.

The teacher deserves an A++ for her calm demeanor as she handled a variety of behaviors while keeping all on task throughout the afternoon. 

Hot Dog Mummies

Green Zombie French Toast

What's Your Candy IQ?

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