Monday, November 7, 2016

Mary Aalgaard

Go Create Inspire
Mary Aalgaard’s Mantra
Indeed she does with her energetic style, infectious enthusiasm, inquisitiveness and a fearless sense of adventure.

Mary Aalgaard, has a BS. Ed degree in English and German from UND and is a freelance writer in the Brainerd lakes area, frequently contributing to Lake County Journal and Her Voice. She has been blogging since November 2009 at

Blogging is Mary’s connection with other writers and people who are inspired by words. “Writing is something that makes me come alive, and sharing that writing gives it life. As it ripples out and back, new life is breathed into me.”

Mary’s creative and informative postings capture the reader’s attention beginning with a quote and ending with a journaling prompt. She enjoys writing about family and people who live in her community.

Play off the Page evolved because Mary believes what’s on the page is written text which you interpret and make it come off the page. When you’re off the page you’re free to let your imagination soar, live in the moment and experience life.

Mary explores the world of theatre, music and words with local reviews and in the greater Twin Cities area. Mary’s play “Coffee Shop Confessions” was produced locally at The Coco Moon, The Shante in Pillager, and the Center in Brainerd. She is co-writing a play with a couple of her students called “The Dog Days of Summer.” She is also working on revisions for “Grace Notes: Piano Bench Confessions.”

Mary’s unique approach to theater gives her students an opportunity to create original dramas, what she calls playing off the page. “When I write and direct dramas with children we come together, unscripted, develop a theme, choose our characters, act out our parts, and perform. We work as a team to tell the story and to give it life.”

Mary is involved in the Brainerd community with her company Play off the Page. She offers Youth Theatre Classes and Writing Workshops in the Brainerd lakes area. Classes are held at Central Lakes College Theaters. For information about these classes, visit Mary’s website.

Mary and her companion, “The Biker Chef,” write restaurant reviews together. He also contributes chef’s tips and recipes under the category Dine off the Page and to articles in the Lake Country Journal. They also take motorcycles trips together where Mary does a good deal of daydreaming about what she’ll write “blogging from the back of a bike,” under the category Ride off the Page

Mary is an accomplished pianist and has played in several local churches as well as accompanied her sister Joy Ciaffoni and her son Zach for different performances. Mary is currently playing for First Lutheran Church, Pillager, MN. She teaches piano lessons out of her home. To find out more information on Mary, her classes and lessons, or to invite her to do a review, visit

Try one of Mary’s journaling prompts: How have you evolved in your creative life this past year?

 Mary and her four boys 
Article submitted to Lakes Area Living Magazine November 2016 by Sue Ready


  1. Thanks, Sue. This looks great!
    Go. Create. Inspire!
    Mary at Play off the Page

  2. I'm definitely checking out Mary's page. Thanks for directing us there, Sue.