Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Round-Up and Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

You don't have to be Valentine DIY genius for these easy children's crafts from Huffington Post
25 Valentine Breakfast Ideas-I'm starting with #3 looks quite easy and very festive!
How about an easy Valentine Trifle that will wow your family!
35 Valentine ideas that aren't candy
Mini Cherry Heart Pies
Healthy Strawberry Oatmeal Bars
Cook's notes: Only 100 calories-note this recipe is at end of the blog so be sure to scroll down to find it.
Join me in February for Pay It Forward Challenge with Random Acts of Kindness
Here's how it works...
Each day during the month of February I will post an idea on my blog for a random act of kindness (of course you may have your own ideas) starting February 1, 2017. 
At the bottom of Ever Ready blog is a comment box for you to post your idea or perhaps some unexpected thing that happened along the way to you. I look forward to reading your comments. I will also be commenting on my own random act of kindness journey. Look for this icon each day on my blog.
Perhaps these random acts of kindness may even become some kind of life long habit. Here are some ideas to get you started.   

This site Random Acts of Kindness  was quite helpful for ideas divided into the following categories:
school, family, cooking, baking, family, environment, sports, crafts, senior citizens, parking, strangers, community, holiday, literacy and many others

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