Friday, March 31, 2017

The World According to Bella

A Messy Scene
I missed out on my promised western adventure. I've been too sick and it's my own fault. Mr. C and Mrs. S left without me. All I've done the past two days is lay around wishing my tummy felt better from throwing up lots. 
It all started watching Mrs. S clean out the refrigerator. She was throwing all this good stuff away. I silently begged for just a small piece or two but Mrs. S was firm no people food. I was patient, just sat there and watched. Several hours later I seized my  window of opportunity when Mrs. S left the house.  With all those good smells I totally lost it and knocked the basket right over. The top easily came off. I wasted no time digging into the buffet that lay all over the floor.  I knew I was in BIG trouble when Mrs. S returned and screamed. The Mediterranean Herb Feta Crumbles were scattered all over the living room. Actually I didn't even care for the taste. And the kitchen floor well let's just say I really had made quite a mess sorting through it all and sampling different stuff.     
It did take me a long time wrestling with a plastic bag trying to get inside to lick the baking cocoa powder. It made an impressive carpet stain.  
I quietly left the scene of the crime while Mrs. S cleaned and went to my room. I curled up in my bed and stayed out of her way. The next two days I was very, very sick.  
I did see some pictures of Mr. C and Mrs. S's Tucson downtown adventure at the art fair. It was pet friendly and looked like a lot of fun. I was sorry I had to stay at home and miss all the fun.
Mrs S likes to shop. First she was going to get me a personalized collar from Woofware but Mr. C said I didn't need a new collar. When she wanted to upgrade my  water dish Mr.C was firm with another no. They  did not bring me back anything but I was too sick to care. 

It's time to leave and its safe to say I made it through 30 days without seeing one javelina, rattlesnake or coyote.  And I was real happy not to have been with Mr. C and Mrs. S the other day when they saw this javelina close by.  
Except for the food incident Mr. C and Mrs. S said I have been very good and adjusted well to a new place. I've liked my four walks a day exploring the neighborhood and heading up towards the desert to check things out, sunning on the patio and keeping a watchful eye on the road runners and mourning doves.   
Wish me luck with long days ahead in the car with not much to do but nap. I have shed most of my fur coat so hope the weather is warm at  home. I miss Sadie, Luna, Mulligan and Wally.
I hope they've not forgotten me. I've been gone a long time. 
Love, Bella  

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