Monday, May 22, 2017

The World According to Bella

Catching Up with Spring 
What started out as birthday party for Mr. C  (Yikes ! Look at all those candles! I was worried about a fire.)  
ended up as a raw hide party for me, Sadie and Luna.
And what a feast we had. Kept us busy for a real long time. Did you notice the bed I am on? They sure know how to treat a guest well. I felt like a queen getting to use Sadie's Orthopedic Memory Foam bed. She did not seem to mind. But when it was time to leave I did not want to go. Mr.C had to drag me off the bed. It was a really fun party. 

But the next day turned out bad. I was so excited to help Mr. C launch the boat for the season.     
I was first on board and hoped Mr. C would remember my usual milkbone treat. He did not fail. The seas were calm and plenty of things caught my attention.  
In fact so much to see that I totally lost it and went on a what Mrs. S called a barking frenzy. I just couldn't help myself. There were birds in the water, birds along the shore, birds flying overhead, birds, birds everywhere. My head was dizzy looking here, there, everywhere and not being able to catch a one. Mr. C and Mrs. S said I was causing so much commotion fishing people nearby looked angry as we passed by. 

When we stopped Mrs. S said she had had enough. I spoiled their ride. So now I've lost my boating privileges at least for this month. It is really hard watching them take off another day without me. They don't even look up at the house to see me at the window with my nose pressed against the glass. I don't think they heard me whimpering as I was left behind. They just don't seem to realize I'm only doing my job protecting them from intruders who might land on our boat.

There were some bright spots last week to cheer me up. I managed to score big by catching a frog and a mouse.  I even surprised myself but then didn't know what to do with my catch. I gave them both up without a fight for Mrs. S's trade, my favorite sugar snap peas. They're too good to pass up.  You see I am trying to win Mr. C and Mrs. S over with my good behavior. I tried to be helpful on clean-up after some real tall trees were taken down. I got some quick on the job training with Mr. C . He showed me how to fetch small branches and drop them along the side of the woods.   
Memorial Day is not too far off. We have company coming. I sure hope Mr. C and Mrs. S have a change of heart. We always take a boat ride that day.

Love, Bella  

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