Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend Round-Up Part Two

There just are some milestones in life one needs to celebrate. Sunday my husband and I threw ourselves a party to mark the occasion of our 50th anniversary.  Once upon a time it started out as a small party but grew as my daughter and sisters joined in.
My daughter added many creative DIY Pinterest ideas and we went with an outdoors Mexican themed party.
Anniversary Wishing Tree
Framed instructions encouraged guests to write an anniversary wish on a tag to hang on the Anniversary Wising Tree. 

My sister purchased an authentic Mexican wedding pinata. It took many hits by the guests with the golf club to finally bring it down-this is my husband working hard on one of the final whacks.    
It was a family collaborative effort on Tex-Mex food and a special cake. 
One of the biggest conversation pieces which unfortunately I did not get a photo of was my wedding dress with its train hung from the ceiling. It was in great condition considering how many years have gone by. 
Keeping with the Mexican theme I bought a very large can of tomatoes, emptied it out (for a later recipe) and my landscaping sister (her business- Blooming Gardens) created many table floral centerpieces including this one.   
This photo has particular significance. It's rare to get all seven of us together for a picture. Secondly, there used to be eight of us but sadly my other brother died a few years ago. He was always silly when we took family photos giving bunny ears to those standing near him . So we all did it one more time to remember Donny.  
Last but not least, my brother Peter made this awesome DIY window picture frame with a collage of family photos. His inspiration -Nicole Curtis HGTV Rehab Show.
Indeed we were filled with love and gratitude sharing the day with friends and family. 

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  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful way to mark a momentous occasion. Happy anniversary and many more to you and Charley!