Saturday, August 5, 2017

National Root Beer Float Day

August 6th-National Root Beer Float Day
August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day, the one day every year when they celebrate their  signature treat. A & W Root Beer with a rich, creamy vanilla soft serve—it doesn't get much better than that. So stop in to any A & W Restaurant location all day on August 6th for a free small root beer float with any purchase. Donations to the Disabled American Veterans encouraged.

A &W Trivia
  • It’s historically veteran-friendly. The very first A & W root beer was served during a homecoming parade for WWI vets, which is pretty patriotic. 
  • They invented a holiday for root beer floats. A & W tip their mugs to Wounded Warrior Project every year during the invented-because-they’re-obsessed-with-floats holiday: National Root Beer Float Day on August 6th. Donations to the veterans’ charity are encouraged, and each patron gets a free small float.
  • They’re the first franchised restaurant chain. Impressive fact: the company started in 1919. Even more impressive fact: it only took them two years to figure out that franchises mean restaurants with owners who care a ton about their establishment. They became the first franchised restaurant company in 1921, and by their peak in the ‘70s had even more stores than McDonalds. 
  • The company is 100% owned by franchisees. A & W has changed ownership close to a dozen times in the past century, but the most interesting shift happened at the end of 2011, when it was purchased by a group of franchisees (including old bacon-burger Dale), and today that group has final say on all decisions -- including initiatives launched by corporate. So much for “the man.” 
  • Most restaurants make their own root beer on-site. They use a fancy, paddle-stirred brewing kettle to whip up their own root beer in-house, every single day. The thing is so refined it only takes an hour to brew.
I did go online and found an A & W but it was 36 miles away. So I decided to make my own and enjoy a summer evening lake view. 
After 30 some years I still have this glass. Going to an A &W drive-in was always a family treat. 

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